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Wheat daliya or broken wheat bulgar is basically wheat with husk which is milling of whole wheat grains coarsely. A cereal food which is rich in fibre and carbohydrates. Daliya is also called cracked wheat and is one of the healthiest Indian foods. Its also low in calories, rich in nutrition, easy to cook and easy to digest. One can make healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner with wheat daliya. Some of commonly made dishes include daliya khichdi,  daliya pulao or sweet milk dalia ( wheat porridge). Bulgar wheat also has reference in the Bible.

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Incredible Health Benefits

Wheat daliya or cracked wheat is rich in fibre which keeps you satiated for long and helps in weight loss. It helps clean the intestine and prevents constipation. Its low in glycemic index and hence good for diabetic patients. Daliya is loaded with minerals and vitamins and a rich source of protein, hence good to consume post workout! Fibre-rich wheat daliya is good for a healthy heart as it maintains the cholesterol level in the body. Dalia or dahliya is a natural source of Vitamin-B and should be a given to growing children.

Disclaimer: The benefits stated here are only suggestive and not medically proven. Please consult your doctor if you suspect a medical condition. 

Did you know?

In approximately 2,800 B.C., the Chinese emperor Shen Nung declared cracked wheat as one of five sacred crops along with rice, millet, barley and soybeans.

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