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Palm Jaggery

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Palm jaggery or palm sugar is believed to be one of the healthiest sugar substitutes. A natural sweetener,  its also called Nolen Gur in West Bengal or Karipatti, down South India. Unlike sugar, it’s unrefined and unbleached which retains all the nutrients.  Different types of palm sugars can be made depending on their source ingredient. Its low glucose index makes it favourable for diabetic patients. Use it in all your desserts and sweet dishes to taste the goodness of sugar, packed with nutrition. Nolen gur is directly sourced from makers across Bengal. Quality palm jaggery is darker in colour and softer, unlike sugar cane jaggery! The colour of palm jaggery varies from light brown to dark brown depending on the place

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Benefits and Use

  • It is full of dietary fibre
  • Palm jaggery is made naturally and is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It would have a chocolate taste
  • Jaggery is called gud in Hindi and gives a cooling effect to the body. The jaggery is processed organically
  • Palm jaggery is an alternative to sugar and is used in various food preparation and dessert making
  • Pure palm jaggery will be very soft and could break into smaller pieces when shipped. Once cut palm jaggery melts if kept in open. So consume them within 2 to 3 months

Did you know? 

Healthiest alternative to sugarcane jaggery. Avoid sugar cubes and use Palm jaggery as its a natural sweetener. 

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