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Organic Cocoa Nibs

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Organically grown Cocoa Nibs are small pieces of crushed cocoa beans. It has a bitter chocolatey flavour. Its produced from the Theobroma cacao tree. These beans are dried after harvesting, then fermented and cracked to produce small cocoa nibs. Some cocoa nibs are roasted and un-roasted ones are called raw cocoa nibs. This is a single source beans from Organic farm Producers from Aluva, Kerala. Cocoa nibs are the purest and most minimally processed form of cocoa one can get. It's keto diet friendly with a source of good fat. How to use Cocoa nibs? It’s used in baked items like muffins and breads. It can also be blended with home made butter. It can be mixed with nuts for an energy packed snack. You may blend them with your hot chocolate or homemade nut milk. It can also be mixed with almond butter, coconut and dates for energy. It goes with many dishes including smoothies , baked dishes and beverages. How to store them? Store cocoa nibs in air-tight containers or pouches. It should be kept in dark, cool and dry places.

Weight: 100g 

Incredible Health Benefits

Cocoa nibs are rich chcoclatey beans loaded with nutrients and powerful plant compounds. They are rich in many minerals including Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc. They are rich in proteins, fibre, healthy fats and plant compounds like flavonoids. Include cocoa nibs for a sugar free diet! Cocoa has a lot of health benefits like improving blood flow, the best source of natural antioxidant, skin protection from sun damage, mood stimulant and many more.

Did you know? 

That primary ingredient in making of Dark chocolates is cocoa beans.

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