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Chai Masala

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Chai Masala is made with exotic spices from the land of spices, Kerala. Home made chai masala for your daily tea! The ingredients include dried ginger, green cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and mace. Ginger has the maximum composition followed by green cardamom, pepper and the rest in equal proportions. 

Taste our masala chai and share your feedback! Packed in a dome-shaped glass jar or similar glass jar as its freshly homemade from pure spices from Kerala. 

Add a tea-spoon of our freshly made chai masala to your daily cup of tea for the strong aroma and freshness of Kerala spices from Malabar hills. Store chai masala in airtight containers only or in jars.

Net weight : 100g 

Note: This home-made chai masala is freshly made with over 13 pure spices from God's own country, Kerala. 


Category: Tea & Coffee