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Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

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Ceylon Cinnamon is also known as The Real Cinnamon or True Cinnamon that first originated in Sri Lanka and spread to most parts of Southeast Asia. The finest quality Cinnamon sticks delivered to you retaining the thin and paper-like textured bark that forms multiple layers when rolled up. It's used in both sweet and savoury dishes. 

Ceylon cinnamon sticks are fragile with delicate, sweet, and subtle notes. Due to their enriching aroma, they are used mostly in cooking and tea making to enhance the mood. Store them in a cool, dry, and dark place only to retain their natural tan-brown colour. Organic cinnamon sticks sourced directly from the growers in Sri Lanka.

Weight: 100g

Incredible Health Benefits

The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in Ceylon Cinnamon provide impressive health benefits. The rich brown colour comes from a pigment called beta-carotene, which acts as important pro-vitamins to keep your eyes healthy. It may help reduce symptoms of inflammation while reducing bad cholesterol and improving insulin response in the body. 

One can have it ground with a teaspoon of honey & warm water early morning. 

NOTE: This is NOT cassia cinnamon sticks or chinese cinnamon rolls.

Disclaimer: The benefits stated here are only suggestive and not medically proven. Please consult your doctor if you suspect a medical condition.

Did you know?

True Cinnamon or Real Cinnamon is known to be great for weight management.