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Carom Seeds

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Carom seeds is commonly known as Ajwain in Hindi. Ajwain is also called bishops weed or carom. It resembles caraway and cumin seeds. It has the aroma of thyme and contains thymol. Ajwain is used in flavouring of dish. We bring to you fresh ajwain directly from farmers of rajasthan. 100% veg and pure ajwain. Grown with no pesticides or fertilisers. It is dry roasted or fried with ghee, to get its subtle and complex aroma. Its consumed post lunch or dinner for digestion of food.

Weight: 100g 

Incredible Health Benefits

Has antiinflammatory properties and is known to be good for digestion. Carom seeds have powerful antbacteria and antifungal properties. Daily intake of Ajwain water is considered good for health. Gives instant relief from acidity and indigestion. Its also know to be good for skin and hair. Ajwain has medicinal properties and is used in traditional ayurvedic medicines It is used for stomach disorders and has carminative properties.

Did you know? 

Carom seeds is commonly known as Ajwain or Ajovan

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