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Black Rice

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Black rice or the forbidden rice, is ideally known for its extreme nutrition value. Its also called Kavuni Rice in South or Chak-hao in North East. Up until modern times, black rice was rare to come by.

In fact, that wild black rice had been highly treasured, prized, and protected for many centuries due to its disease-fighting abilities. It's a belief that in ancient China, black rice was considered so unique and nutritious that it was forbidden for all but royalty. Hence called the forbidden rice! Due to its signature black-purple colour and a mild nutty flavour, it's widely used today as a condiment, dressing, or garnishing for different types of desserts in many countries around the world. 

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Incredible Health Benefits

Black Rice is an amazing source of nutrition and is organic in nature. Compared with other kinds of rice, black rice has the highest protein content. It’s rich in iron and high in fibre which is why it may have miraculous effects on diseases like cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease. The abundance of antioxidants helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in your body. Another startling benefit is that it may help keep your eyes healthy in the long run. It helps in weight management.

Disclaimer: The benefits stated here are only suggestive and not medically proven. Please consult your doctor if you suspect a medical condition.

Did you know?

Black rice is actually more purplish in color than black however, it got its name due to its extremely dark appearance.