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Black Cardamom

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Black Cardamom is also known as hill cardamom or brown cardamom. It comes from either of the two species in the family Zingiberaceae. Its seed pods have a strong camphor-like flavour. Our spices come directly from growers as we ensure that only farm-fresh, pure, and natural whole black cardamom reaches you. Its shelf life is usually 12 months. Big cardamom (black cardamom) has a smoky character derived from the method of drying. Packed in spice bags or pouches & also called badi elaichi in Hindi, its sizes are bigger and longer compared to normal black cardamom. It is great for hearty meat stews and is used in many Asian cuisines.

Incredible Health Benefits

Black Cardamom is one of those rare spices that has a great aroma as well as innumerable health benefits. Tagged as the ‘Queen of spices’, it is loaded with antioxidants to ward off several types of diseases. It comes with great anti-microbial properties and helps keep you safe from bacterial infections. Packed with important nutrients essential for your body, black cardamom has long been used in Indian meals for better digestion, relief from cold & strep throat, and a forever healthy heart. 

Disclaimer: The benefits stated here are only suggestive and not medically proven. Please consult your doctor if you suspect a medical condition.

Did you know?

It's also called "Big Cardamom" or "Hill Cardamom" & some of the finest come from Arunachal Pradesh!



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