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Almond Flour

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Almond flour is used in making cakes, puddings, cookies, grain free baking mixes and can be a part of your daily gluten-free wheat mix. Finely grind almond powder is a great alternative for conventional flour or baking. The flour is made with California almonds with their skins peeled and finely ground for digestion. Gives great texture to your food. Blanched Almond flour is rich in protein, high-fibre, gluten-free four. Steam pasteurized California Almonds is made with 100% California Almonds. No preservatives or any ingredients is added. Net wt:200gms High in fibre and proteins, it makes a great flour for keto-diet, paleo-diet, low carb diet too.

Weight: 200g 

Incredible Health Benefits

Almond flour is an ideal alternative for a gluten-free diet. This flour is high in protein (21% by weight), manganese, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, low in carbohydrates, and contains fiber. It promotes healthy skin and body. Almond flour is also diabetic friendly and can reduce insulin dependency.

Did you know? 

Blanched almonds mean that the skin of the almonds must be removed. Removing the skin of the almonds will give you a more even textured and even coloured almond flour.

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