About us

The day we decided to let India taste what the lap of nature tastes like, is when our story started.
Joining hands with a few farmers in Kerala, we conceptualized a journey of sourcing the purest batch of spices, herbs, and grains directly from Indian farms, and delivering it to you without any middleman involved. What initially began from just 51 acres of land in the hills of God’s Own Country, is now spread across India’s length and breadth.
From South to North-East, and the entire Northern part of our country, our farmers grow, cultivate, and reap incredible flavours using only traditional farming techniques. What reaches your door is pure authenticity, wrapped in lovable, giftable eco-friendly packaging. 

With knowledge passed on through several generations, we’re passionately working towards empowering our home spices and herbs. Not only are our products 100% natural, they are free from any sort of chemicals, pesticides, or adulteration.  Brimming with a rich taste and aroma, our products come at affordable prices while we take care of negligible impact on the environment in the process.

Welcome to the home of farm-fresh flavours. Welcome to Home of Spices.



Our Mission
We take pride in our mission to help you relish quality spices grown in their natural habitat. We truly believe in sustainable farming practice and use nothing but eco-friendly boxes to package our flavours.

Expanding Our Footprints

We have successfully embarked upon our first overseas assignment to an Indian Chef based in Tokyo, Japan. Our tie-up is with a reputed Organic Store in Noida, UP, to supply our natural extracts to clients across the Delhi & Bangalore regions. Need customized eco-friendly gift boxes along? We deliver that too.



Our Ventures Ahead
Currently, we are working with farmers in Palakkad, Kerala, to provide 100% Natural Coconut & Palm products - a safe, natural, and unadulterated farming venture for our consumers.
Under the aegis of the Department of Agriculture, we also work closely with few farmers from the North Eastern Region for Mission Organic Value Chain Development. The aim is to bring in healthy organic food from the soils of Manipur. It’s a small initiative to improve the livelihood of farmers while also doing our bit in preserving the environment.