Why is black sticky rice, black in colour?

Black or dark purple in colour?

It’s the unpolished whole traditional sticky white rice. Mostly consumed in Asian restaurants and in North Eastern parts of India. Despite it being called black its colour is closer to deep dark purple! At Home of Spices, we work closely with farmers who practice sustainable farming and traditional methods only. We have tied up with farmers in Meghalaya, working under the aegis of Manipur Skills and Rural Livelihood Mission. The rice has uneven black coloured bran layer that gives it a nutty flavour and is rich in nutrients. Black sticky rice is gluten free and is considered a super food! This rice has no pesticides, chemical or herbicides.

Health benefits of black rice:

  • Black sticky rice is rich in antioxidants.
  • Its also rich in iron and essential mineral the body needs to make blood cells.
  • The anthocyanin content in black rice is considered to be highest amongst all grains!
  • Due to its high fibre content black rice is believed to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • It also has properties to control blood sugar levels!
  • The rice has anti-inflammatory properties and also lowers the risk of diabetes and it also promotes a healthy heart!

Our unpolished black sticky rice has no artificial fertilisers, preservatives or colours. No wonder, this rice is used by many locals in Manipur as cereal food for babies.

A rice for all ages for a healthy and hearty lifestyle and one of the finest rice with maximum health benefits. Let it be a part of your daily regimen!

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The product is also available in 1Kg and 5Kg eco-friendly bags only.

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