White Pepper and its health benefits

  • Pepper has many health benefits and is used widely across Indian cuisines. The Capsaicin in white pepper is know to burn fat in the body and helps reduce weight!
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to heal wounds
  • White Pepper when crushed and consumed with raw honey is known to cure cough and cold!
  • The heat generated by white pepper is known to clear nasal tract and gives relief from nose congestion!
  • Its known to promote healthy heart and helps in digestion too
  • This peppercorn is rich in anti oxidant properties and is known to benefit in blood sugar control also

Malabar Black pepper is sun-dried, washed and again sun-dried post which the outer carp or layer gets removed to form the white pepper. It is less spicy compared to Black pepper grown in Kerala and is used in many European cuisines, pastas and pizza making.

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