Incredible health benefits of Black Cardamom

Black Cardamom or Badi elaichi in Hindi has lot of health benefits. Its called the “Queen of Spices” and true to its name, helps in increasing your appetite! Its commonly used as a flavouring spice in many an Indian dish. Black cardamom or Badi Elaichi comes from either of two species in the family Zingiberaceae.
The seeds have a strong smoky character which happens on drying. Used in spicy dishes.Black cardamom is used for cooking curries, stews and in making of spice powders ( garam masala). The seed pods have a strong camphor like flavour. It is also considered to be good for skin.

A few pieces of black cardamom works as a mouth freshener too. It helps in fighting dental infections and bad breath. This black seed possesses antispasmodic properties and few powder with water helps relieve spasms and pains. Chewing few cardamom daily helps in detoxifying your body. Keep a handful of these seeds for your after meal freshness.Due to its carminative nature, it gives relief from abdominal gas,indigestion and flatulence.
Our spices are processed, cleaned and packed in eco-friendly bags only. At Home of Spices, we work closely with farmers in the hills of North East India.

Black Cardamom has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties too. It is also known to improve cardiovascular health, as regular consumption keeps the blood pressure in check and also avoids blood clot!

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