How to store spices and herbs?

Ways to Store Spices:The spices and herbs in your kitchen racks is great in quality and use, so long its fresh and stored well!

At Home of Spices we ensure all our spices are packed in eco-friendly bags only. Our spices are farm fresh, processed and packed in most hygiene conditions. Its an initiative by few farmers from Kerala,in the southernmost part of India. The place is also called God’s own country, as spices grow in its natural condition. All we do is preserve the forest, practice sustainable farming methods, and follow the age old tradition of storing and preserving Nature’s wealth.

  • Never store spices and herbs over the store or close to heat, though it might be convenient to pick and use them!
  • Spices and herbs deteriorates when stored near heat, light or moisture, and hence not recommended. 
  • Always keep them in air tight containers or in air tight jute bags so that the freshness and aroma of the spices is long lasting
  • Best storage temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which definitely means that the spices and herbs should be kept away from heat or direct sunlight. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation and eventually mold.
  • If the spices were kept in freezer or refrigerator, its advisable to store them back into refrigerator after use.
  • Your spices storage system should be in dry and dark place.
  • Glass jars with air tight lids are ideal to store spices.
  • Incase you don’t have a spice storage system, cover the spices with fresh cloth and store in air-tight jars or bottle when not in use.

Increase their shelf life to maximise the seasoning impact by following the above pointers.

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