How to cook millet rice?

Kodo Millet Rice is diabetic friendly, low in fat and high on energy! Its also called “Kodra”or “Kodo”. This millet is high on fibre, unpolished & chemical free.

Steps to cook millet rice:

  1. Use 3 cups of water for 1 Cup of millet rice in open pot cooking.
  2. Bring water to boil, add the washed and drained millet and cover.
  3. Let millet absorb all the water on medium-low flame
  4. Rice is cooked when all the water gets absorbed
  5. There is no need to drain the water!
  6. Empty the cooked rice on a plate to retail fluffiness
  7. For pressure cooking, use 2 cups of water and 2 to 3 times of whistle on the cooker is fine!

Nutritional facts per 100gms (below shown is approx. values):

  • Protein- 8.3gms
  • Total Fat- 1.4gms
  • Total Carbhohydrate- 65.9gms
  • Energy- 535Kcal
  • Fiber- 5.2gms
  • Iron- 1.7mgs
  • Calcium- 35mgs

Health benefits of Kodo Millet:
• These millets are digestion friendly, a must recipe not just for weight loss, but also for a healthy lifestyle
• Kodo millet is rich in phytochemicals and phyate that help in reduction of cancer risks
• These grains helps to reduce the body weight which is most needed for obese people
• It helps to overcome irregular period problems in women
• Kodo grains are good for diabetic people, low on fat and high on energy
• It reduces nervous disorders, especially in the eyes; This 100% natural millet also helps to reduce knee and joint aches

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