How to cook kheer with Navara (Red Rice)?

Navara Red Rice is also called Njavara rice. Its unique and cultivated only in Kerala. The farmers who grow this kind of rice call it the “gold with fragrance“. The below mentioned recipe of kheer is ideally made during special occasion in Kerala especially during weddings etc.

  1. Wash the required quantity (100gms) at least 2-3 times in clean water
  2. The rice should be first soaked in water(800ml) for 30-45 mins
  3. Drain the rice and keep it aside 
  4. Boil enough water in an earthen pot
  5. Once the water is boiling pour the washed rice into it
  6. Let the rice get cooked in reduced flame for some time
  7. When the rice becomes soft, pour milk (300ml) and continue boiling for 4-5 minutes
  8. Add sugar as per your taste ( recommend coconut sugar if you are health conscious, the colour of the kheer will turn slightly brown unlike normal sugar, but coconut sugar is always healthier than cane sugar)
  9. Add Cashews, Green Cardamom and Raisins for more flavour and aroma to the cooked kheer now
  10. Your Njavara Rice or Red Rice Kheer is ready to serve!

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