Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)

Coconut Oil is being used for thousand of years. Its widely used as a source of food and medicine by people of diverse culture around the globe. Its said to be used as an “alternative medicine” for over 5000 years! Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil has amazing health benefits.

What makes Virgin Coconut Oil superior to other oils, is how its processed. Cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is said to be the Mother of All Grains“. A superfood, from God’s own country, Kerala.

Functional foods are sometimes referred as nutraceuticals, which means a blend of nutrition and pharmaceutical. VCO and coconut products are functional food. The contents of medium chain fatty acids (MCT), Lauric acid may prove to be a conditionally essential saturated fatty acid. Coconuts are mainly grown in the coastal belts and countries like Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Indonesia, and South India are the producing nations and consumed mostly in countries like Singapore.

Our VCO is 100% natural, pure , cold-processed extracted from fresh coconuts within 2 hours of opening each coconut. It is neither refined, bleached or deodorised as in the case of Copra Coconut oil, and this the oil is free from any chemicals or solvents. Its uniquely rich in Lauric acid (more than 50%) a prime ingredients in mother’s milk, which build the immune system in babies. The hygienic processing standards to ensure ZERO bacterial contamination.

One of the main difference between VCO and refined coconut oils is the smell and taste. All VCO’s retain the fresh smell and taste of coconuts, whereas the copra based refined coconut oil have no taste at all due to the refining process.

Cold processed Virgin Coconut Oil allows the retention of monoglycerides and other natural anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E,  A and C which serves as  a natural preservative. VCO is also non greasy, non staining.

Cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is known to be good for hair, heart and skin. Daily application in skin is known to cure many skin diseases, and removes dead cells in the skin. Even consuming a teaspoon daily is known to help in digestion and increases the metabolism in the body. Virgin coconut oil is also known to help in weight management, as it burns fat in the body. Let this amazing healthy oil be a part of your daily diet!

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