Health benefits of Coconut Vinegar & Use

Our Coconut Vinegar is processed and prepared in huge drums naturally, in rural heartland of Kerala. The unit is supported and funded by the State Govt. of Kerala. which helps it promote Coconut and other products like NEERA.

At Home of Spices, we work closely with growers and farmers not just from Kerala, but also identify and support farmer production. We wish to deliver quality spices and other naturally grown products like coconut vinegar , palm sugar , desiccated coconut powder, coconut sap water (Neera) and coconut water.

Coconut Vinegar & its amazing benefits:

Coconut Vinegar is fermented vinegar like Apple cider and Balsamic vinegars. It can be made with coconut sap or coconut water. Its the staple condiment for people in South India.

It has a cold and pungent acidic taste and hints of yeast in it. Its the “mother” or culture organism in coconut vinegar that causes the fermentation. This makes it fresh and tasty to use for cooking and consumption.

Healthy benefits of using Coconut Vinegar:

  1. Coconut Vinegar is low on glycemic index, which means its appropriate food for diabetic patients (approx. less than 35 on scale) (NOTE: Cane sugar is more than 65 on the scale!!)
  2. It is made from the coconut sap
  3. Sap water contains 9 essential amino acids that help in building proteins in the body.
  4. Amino acids is also known to help in formation of haemoglobin that carries oxygen and antibodies
  5. Which eventually helps in building  a strong immune system! It helps in fighting infection.
  6. Amino acids in the vinegar also helps in fighting torn body tissues, and in detoxification!
  7. Since, its naturally fermented its a natural source of probiotics, that keeps one healthy
  8. Amino acids found in Coconut Vinegar lowers blood sugar

How to use of Coconut Vinegar:

  • Coconut vinegar can be used in dressing of salads
  • Its aids in digestion, as it helps in lowering blood sugar levels
  • It should NOT be consumed directly. Mix it with little mustard and oil for salad dressing OR dilute it with water and honey and drink it as a morning cleanser.
  • NOTE: keep an intake of 1 to 2 teaspoons only for your daily diet
  • Once opened keep the bottle closed and in room temperature. Its shelf life is 18-24 months
  • The vinegar that settles down and appears at the bottom of the bottle thickens to form the mother vinegar, a natural characteristics of coconut vinegar.

( Consult your dietician or doctor before considering this in your daily diet plan)

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